Paul Grzybowski

History of Psychedelic Mushrooms and their cultivation

Paul Grzybowski went to school at Georgia Tech and received a degree in Chemistry, a minor in Material Science Engineering and wrote an undergraduate thesis based on 2.5 years of research in a synthetic organic chemistry lab. Shortly after joining the CDC’s Division of Tuberculosis Elimination Applied Research Team, he started his first business, Mushroom Kings, which imported and sold fresh black truffles from Romania to local restaurants. Since then he as co-founded many business with his long time friend David Claassen including Encapsulate, a mushroom supplement company, the Atlanta Mushroom Market, Atlanta Mushroom Festival and non-profit the Global Mushroom Initiative.

Discussing the historical evidence of psychedelic mushroom use dating back over 6000 years up to modern times, as well as the spread and dissemination of knowledge on these mushrooms identification and cultivation in recent history.

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